[VIDEO] April Lawson Launches “Sex-Strike” To End Chicago’s Violence Similar To Spike Lee’s “CHI-RAQ” WATCH:


A real life “CHI-RAQ” petition…

April Lawson is a courageous woman! It takes a lot of strength to publicly announce a “Sex Strike”. The most popular example is in playwright Aristophanes; Lysistrata. Spike Lee’s new movie “CHI-RAQ” is a modern rendition of the famous play, and in real life, April Lawson is serious about stopping the violence in Chicago.

According to the Chicago Tribune there have been over 2,000 shooting victims in 2015 alone! After April saw a litany of men camping out for new sneakers she was enraged and inspired by Spike Lee’s new movie, and did something about it. She wants married, and single women to participate, and I agree with her. SIGN PETITION HERE

Women are powerful, and if women stopped, the world would stop, but women are consistently told and made to believe they are not, but if women abstained from sex, believe you me, unfortunately the rape tally will rise, but so much will get done, the world would change! Watch More From April:

Her ‘Peace in The Streets’ celibacy pledge reads;

‘Until an official treaty is signed and an actionable plan is in place by all black men who live in this city, I take a vow of celibacy. I vow to refuse sex to any man I’m dating, engaged to or married to until the perpetrators of these heinous crimes are brought to justice. I vow to keep my affections for men vocal, spirit filled and non-sexual until all children on the south side are safe to play outside their doors. I vow to stay celibate until black men organize and create a strategy to keep the peace in our neighborhoods. All men must take responsibility to take back their communities and behave as global citizens who patrol their own streets until every block in every neighborhood can all breathe again in ease.

Until ALL men in every neighborhood take a solemn oath that they will stay proactive instead of passive I will remain vigilant to the cause.’

She already has support from Spike Lee — I wonder if people will take her seriously or do as they normally do and destroy her image, make her out to be foolish while the crime rate continues to rise in Chicago…

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  1. Good idea but don’t think it will work for so long people really dont care an can get sex from anywhere the voilence will never stop

  2. I think the violence will stop with stronger enforcement and policing if they meaning the US learn to spend money properly and pay policemen a sex strike could work too but its temporary because its just a trike. but yea anything would help. Bless you for your comment!!

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