[BREAKINGNEWS] Isis Threat On Atlanta’s Phillips Arena | True Or False? The FBI & The Hacker Who Reported RESPONDS:


Threats are never to be taken lightly especially threats of this magnitude…


Recently an anon hacker was accused of reporting newly founded information on Isis latest attack. The alleged report? Isis is planning to attack, Atlanta’s Phillps Arena Sunday during the WWE event. Considering the history of Isis, and the US, the officials looked into it right away. According to CHANNEL 2 ACTION NEWS the FBI reports;

‘The FBI is aware of reports of an alleged threat that includes an Atlanta, Georgia venue and event.  While we take all threats seriously, we do not have specific or credible information of an attack at this time.  We have, however, made the proper notifications as we continue to work closely with our law enforcement and private sector partners to keep our community safe…’ 

The Anonymous group @YourAnonNews responded by saying;

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 4.22.50 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 4.18.00 PM

My question is…If not them, then who? Who made up this evidence? If the FBI is reporting this news is not coming from a credible source, and the hacker group is also saying these reports aren’t true…where are they coming from? If you ask me, I believe it’s false.

UPDATE: Nov 22nd

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 4.47.18 PM

Atlanta’s Mayor Kasim Reed States: Nov 22nd

‘Although the FBI has not found any credible threats relating to any events in the city, the Atlanta Police Department (APD) is actively monitoring the situation and is coordinating closely with our federal and state partners. 

“Over the past week, the City of Atlanta has increased security for all operations, including at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the Atlanta Streetcar and for major public events. As always, APD stands ready to act in the case of an emergency. 

“There are several events in our city tonight, including the WWE Survivor Series, the Atlanta Falcons game, and the Macy’s Great Tree Lighting. If you see or hear something suspicious, please call 911 immediately. 

“In this holiday season and at all times, I encourage our residents and visitors to enjoy our city and not let fear guide you. Public safety remains my number one priority, and I am confident in our law enforcement agencies’ ability to keep us safe.’ –WSB-TV

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