[VIDEO] #LaquanMcDonald 17 Year Old Unarmed Boy Shot 16 Times In 2014 Video SURFACES:

Video surfaces of the murder of 17 year old Laquan McDonald…

In 2014 a young boy in Chicago was shot 16 times and killed by a white man, a police officer. The beautifully brown, hope filled, teen, unarmed is seen running away from the cops hunting him down. Before the white murderer shot and killed this unarmed innocent boy, he tried to run away.

The video, which has finally been leaked after a year, will be official released on Wednesday, but in an effort to get many to see it with their own eyes, in its truthful form of this racist execution of an unarmed brown boy who was just figuring out life as an Afrikan American teen growing up in Chicago, someone leaked the video footage, a short clip of what actually happened. According to ABC NEWS CHICAGO the family did not want this video to be released, for understandable reasons and released this statement;

“This is a difficult time for us. As we have said in the past, while we would prefer that the video not be released we understand that a court has ordered otherwise. . . “

The news, white supremacist, and folk scared of “the man” often will lie, edit, hide, and create young boys like Laquan McDonald out to be something that’s deserving of an execution, but he is not, and no one is. The video’s audio is said to be “questionable” because the “cams do not record audio”, but that statement was coming from the police department, which we can all take that with a grain of salt.

Watch at your own risk, and remindful of sharing this video as the family is still going through a lot. This video may be taken down by the “powers that be” but you must see the truth before you believe the lies you may hear:

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