[BOSS] K Michelle Opens Puff & Petals An Upscale Restaurant In Atlanta GA

K Michelle


“It’s been a long time coming” Says the power vocalist/songwriter K Michelle on Instagram announcing the Grand Opening of her restaurant “Puff And Petals” is near. “Puff Hookah Lounge”/”Puff Lounge” [old name] was going to have it’s grand opening in February 2016, and then it was supposed to be March. “Puff And Petals Lounge” hookah restaurant may open top of 2017, which was a big feature on K Michelle’s reality show, which she states is her last season.

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Although Atlanta is not known for late night spots, Puff is suppose to remain open until 4am! In a recent interview on Hot97 K Michelle discloses in addition to the theme the restaurant will only play MoTown Music, but no turn up music, a chill spot for women and men.

Seems like the type of classy place i’d like to visit. At 367 Edgewood Avenue SE in Atlanta. Like all great things, planning is vital. K Michelle took to Instagram live to tell fans she was still handling behind the scenes business with the restaurant therefore the opening was delayed, but on February 14th, K Michelle did a Valentines week preview where you can PURCHASE TICKETS to see the restaurant and even K Michelle herself. Feb 14th – Feb 18th.

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In an update, K. Michelle also announced an LA and possible UK opening of PuFF! Amazing right?

All business’s take time, but I’m just excited that K Michelle is venturing off into different markets. I do believe a “puff” restaurant and lounge experience is perfect for K’s fan base, and for the city of Atlanta to have something new. And after interviewing and making major news about her implant removal which was courageous, I think now is a great time to capitalize off of that, rather then wait.


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Moreover, The lounge will feature “…50 different unique and tasteful drinks and over 100 different flavor shots…”, which is another great addition to the lounge. Puff will be, as they say; lit. Maybe if K. Michelle added a weekly artist spotlight, as a result it’d bring more people to her restaurant to see new talent.

Congrats K, we pray this grand opening happens and just like you’ve dreamed it to happen!

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  1. I am interested in being part of your Security team at Puff Lounge,Iam very qualified for this position been working Security for 12 years now with Allied Barton, and have done some nite clubs part time,Ian can handle myself in any situation, I Love your music u have one of the best female voices in the business, plus I just think u r a really together and u speak your mind.where can I get a application,would love the opportunity to work for you,thank you.

  2. I’m interested in a waitressing position. I live in Atlanta, dependable & ready to work. Please keep me informed on how to apply. Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Hey! I will check into that! And if I hear something back, I will let you know. Please be advised that K Michelle and her company did not commission this review, so we do not actually know for sure, but we will ask and get back if we can. 🙂

  4. I would like to know how to apply to be a waitress at the club. I hope to see you soon in July it’s going to be my birthday.

  5. I just recently moved to Atlanta from Indianapolis, I have 11yrs waitressing experience & id be honored to work at the restaurant

  6. I work in Security for 12 years now,so if u r looking for a female Security officer I’am the one going to your concert on Sunday Love your voice the best in the business. my email address is buddytaz2004@yahoo.com,even if you need private Security,looking forward to hearing from u thanks K Jones

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