[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Jill Scott’s “Back Together” Music Video Is A Contemporary Dance Masterpiece WATCH:


Try to take your eyes away from this video….

Jill Scott’s latest single “Back Together” is a beautiful song that allows for healing of the pieces of you. “You went and put me back together, back together again…going through heartache I nearly lost my mind for a time and couldn’t get better……..but you went and put me back together again..”. A soulful piece dedicated to those who’ve helped you be the best you. This music video shows just that. A diverse cast of folk, dancing and emoting in such a beautiful way. The lead dancer can also be seen in The Lion King on Broadway @SlimGlam_D. This video is a story, not featuring Jill Scott, but featuring Jill Scott, see what I mean, and try to take your eyes away from this VIDEO:

Elegant, healing, powerful, beautiful, Jill….


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