[VIDEO] Pastor Bryant Shuts Down “100 Pastors” Seemingly Bought Out & Cooning For The Trump Regime WATCH:


“…I think he’s a pawn…” they are true, they are real, Preach Pastor…

Donald Trump met with about 100 Afrikan American preachers and pastors recently to discuss Black issues and concerns. Donald Trump, who’s known for the racist comments, attitude, and overall self-righteous behavior that affect people of colour, seemingly bought out quite a few of these so called people of God. Discernment is a great tool, and when your hairs flare up when Pastor Davis is asked if he endorses Trump stating; “…endorse in the sense of James Davis the man, not James Davis the pastor, there are strict laws against that…” Correct me if I’m wrong, you went as who…a Pastor right?! Coon.

Donald Trump clearly does not care for or consider people of colour, it’s factual evidence out there, verbally, in print, video, you name it, it’s there! The Fox Show down was a prime example of what’s happening in the world and trump is adding to it. This propaganda doesn’t fool everyone because Pastor Jamal Bryant, who was invited to the meeting, turned it down and had great words of wisdom and discernment to say about the meeting and the people involved.

In the opening of the video you can see just how cooning works. Cooning, when a person of colour promotes the propaganda of the very person who is against them. Of course omarosa was there, as you can see the pastor speaking didn’t even “have concerns…” but stated they all discussed concerns and it was a wonderful experience…So…Why were you there if you aint have no concerns? WATCH:


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