Official Trailer: Nate Parker’s “The Birth Of A Nation” Get’s Picked Up By FOX & More


Nate Parker is showing the world he is a force…

     Not just an actor, not just the star of “Beyond The Lights”, “Red Tails” and “The Great Debaters” Nate is a writer and director. It’s already buzzing that his movie, which he wrote and directed “The Birth Of A Nation” will solidify him in Hollywood as the next best thing. Not that Hollywoods opinion matters, but man would it be a win if Nate was able to cast more people of colour and make better stories and narratives that feature all folk vs the Hollywood whitewashing bull.

The photos below were the first look into “The Birth Of A Nation” which is a film similar to the terrible film that came out way back when, but this film is about Nat Turner and his cunning revolt to free slaves. The film also stars Armie Hammer, Aja Naomi King, Jackie Earle Haley, Gabrielle Union, and Mark Boone Jr. While I’m sick of movies about slaves, this one, THIS ONE will encourage you to fight and to see equality in us all! Take a LOOK:

Nate Parker and the BOAN team made history with FOX Searchlight for a record breaking 17.5 million dollars for a new film budget. After a bidding war with various offers including one offer that was about 20million dollars, a Netflix offer and more, Nate and the team chose FOX Searchlight. My assumption is that money isn’t everything when it’s upfront, but owning and reaping the benefits life long is. Maybe that’s why the 17.5 deal was struck. Either way, I am excited to see where this takes the film. It’s coming to you worldwide so get ready!


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