[VIDEO] The Wiz Live Must See Performances, & Review Over 11Million Tuned In WATCH:


The WIZ Live was one of the most talked about shows last night…

[Full Show Below] Airing December 3rd, it was the talk of social media! Families, colleges, everyone and anyone you name it, were talking about The Wiz Live. Trending all day and night, The Wiz Live was a great show that surprised millions.

My personal favorites were Amber Riley who played Annabelle the good witch, known as the numbers queen in the movie “The Wiz”, Uzo Aduba who played Glinda The Good witch, David Alan Grier who played the cowardly lion and Mary J Blige who played Evilene! Each of them delivered amazing performances that when on screen, on stage, I couldn’t rip my eyes away from them. They all delivered top notch vocals and believability. My favorite of the bunch had to be Mary J Blige. Many counted her out, said she was too stiff to play Eveline, but when I tell you she was believable and vocally amazing….just WATCH:

Amber Riley, my 2nd favorite of the night, kinda stole the show with her strong pipes and perfectly timed humor. Watch her deliver what I believe is an award winning performance:

And of course the newest member to Hollywood, the star of the show, Shanice Williams who’s vocal ability sores in quality and accuracy, every note is perfectly hit, on key and more:

The Show Was a Hit! I gave it a 6.8/10, but I’m just a blogger what do I know, can’t wait to see what the viewership was last night. It had everyone talking, even white folk were mad! But hey, when we come in the mix it’s always gone be great, a conversation starter, and joyful beyond belief!

Viewership/Ratings: Over 11 Million Watched



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