[VIDEO] Saturday Night Live (SNL) Comedy Sketch Of “The Wiz Live” In Response To white Twitter’s Ignorance HILARIOUS:


Seriously People. .. You Can’t Be This Stupid!

It’s almost like people don’t care to be informed and knowledgeable. You’d think before you send a tweet you’d know what you are talking about. White twitter, as many have come to coin them, took to twitter to act out. Racist threats, comments, tweets, memes you name it, it was there. After “The Wiz Live” brought in over 11million viewers, the disparaging continued. White folk were upset, “If there was an all white “The Wiz” Black people would be so upset”. Ignorant beyond belief, white folks took to this, even some ill-informed people of colour and agreed, this is not fair! What they didn’t know is that, “The Wiz” is a remake of “The Wizard Of Oz” Ha!!! Hilarious! So of course SNL had to spoof it, and they were on pOINTe:

Hopefully these racist will finally learn, we are creators too. ..


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