[VIDEO] Keke Palmer Stars In Grease LIVE As The Legendary Character Marty Maraschino WATCH:


Keke Palmer Stay Working Done She?!

Keke Palmer, actress, and accomplished singer who realized a controversial single a few months ago, stars in FOX’s Grease Live January 31st! What a way to open a new year huh? A live performance of Americas Favorite Musical. Certainly one of my favorites. Grease_297PyxurzKeke Palmer is playing Marty Maraschino, originally played by Dinah Manoff, the Pink Lady herself, class, maturity, and very image conscious. I wonder if Fox will keep that same character arch, if so, Keke has her work cut out for her as the first Afrikan American Marty, it’s big shoes to fill, and I’m sure white racist will have much to say about this, but I’m happy for her, and cannot wait to see it! Watch the trailer:

Keke Palamer - Marty Maraschino - The Black Media - 2016


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