[TRAILER] Jurnee Smollett Co-Stars In “Underground” A New TV Series About Slaves Escape WATCH:


I know, I know, we’re tired of slave movies, and shows….

Jurnee Smollett along with Aldis Hodge, Alano Miller, Adina Porter, and Mykelti Williamson, to name a few, star in WGN’s “Underground” coming 2016. Yes the trailer starts off with the heart wrenching, nerve pushing, annoying sight of cotton picking…however it gets turnt! Ha! You then see the bible, and a gun! Listen, this will not be your typical “Slave” tv show, this is a revolt! Underground, much like Nate Parkers new movie, is about slaves gathering together to plan an escape. Knowing the skill set of Jurnee, who’s an amazing actress, one of the most believable actresses in Hollywood, and with this amazing cast, it will be one to watch, I promise LOOK:


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