[OFFICIAL TRAILER] Jessie T. Usher & Vivica A Fox Star In Independence Day 2 Mom & Son WATCH:


All grown up the story continues to unfold…

Jessie T. Usher (Survivors Remorse) and Vivica A. Fox co-star in the highly anticipated “Independence Day 2” actually titled; “Independence Day: Resurgence”. If you remember from Independence Day part 1 you’d know that Jessie T’s character Dylan Hiller was Will Smith’s character, Steven Hiller’s stepson! The mother you ask? Vivica A. Fox! Who was once an exotic dancer with a child before marrying Captain Hiller, thats where the step son thingy comes in now stay with me. So, Will Smith will not be reprising his role in this film, many speculate his character died in the first film, but his stepson and his wife will be, which makes for an interesting story. In the trailer it looks like Jessie smiths character will be some sort of army solider, and Vivica’s character seemingly left behind on a ship as some sort of scientist or worker watch:

I am super excited for this film next summer!


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