Tisha Campbell Weight Loss Evolution | She Looks #UghMazing LOOK:


Living A Healthier Live Looks Like This. ..

Tisha Campbell weight loss has been the number one google search on TheBLACKMedia for MONTHS! After posting the first wow factor photos of Tisha in her “new body”, readers couldn’t get enough. They wanted more, many asked “how’d she do it?”, many wanted to know what she looks like now, well below are a collection of images that show Tisha Campbell before and after. ..

In an interview with TheBLACKMedia TALKLIVE about her latest single “Steel Here” I complemented her on how she looks just like Gina from so many years ago. She said for her it was about getting healthier, and not exactly losing weight. Listen Here

Many made fun of Tisha not knowing she is a survivor of stage-2 Sarcoidosis which is described as inflamed organs. This same disease is said to have killed Bernie Mac. The steroids she had to take, along with about 90lbs from her pregnancy made Tisha plump and folk took notice. Many poked fun at her thickness, her facial change, saying it was botched surgery and worst. Now no one has anything to say, she looks beautiful, she is getting back to the Tisha with the 6 pack from back in the day, and more importantly she is healthy!! Check out her evolution:

We all have ups and downs, why do we only support the ups?

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