[OFFICIAL TRAILER] Tyler Perry Stars In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 WATCH:


Tyler Perry Returns To The Big Screen…

Tyler Perry is no stranger to big budget blockbusters “Star Trek”, but this role is the first franchise Perry has been featured in. The first Ninja Turtles brought in over 400 million dollars against a ~100 million dollar budget, and now Ninja Turtles 2 is expected to do even greater and continue on with a part 3!

Tyler Perry plays Dr. Baxter Stockman, an Afrikan American character in the original Mirage comics, later on made into a white character and now shown in the movie as TP. Baxter is known as the inventor who created machines to destroy rats in the sewers, a “mad scientist”. The comics character was a thief who used his inventions to steal money from banks. In the trailer it seems Tyler’s character will not only be rich, and a scientist, but one who creates the monsters that go after the Ninja Turtles!! A win for TP if you ask me, especially since In the first film Baxter was played by actor, Kenneth Todd Freeman.

I’m excited to see this, I’ve been a fan of the Turtles since I WAS A KID!!!!


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