[VIDEO] Jidenna “Long Live The Chief” Is Woke HipHop “I Dont Want My Best Dressed Day In A Casket” WATCH:


Is Jidenna The New Voice Of HipHop?

After an amazing run with the hit international single “Classic Man” Jidenna is slowly becoming that Man missing from the industry. He is the positive image of a B.L.A.C.K man. There are so few of us out here, but is he the new voice of hiphop? Not rap, but hiphop. I say…yes! Even though in his latest single “Long Live The Chief” which was not a feature on the Eephus, and may be his lead single of his debut solo album, uses the n-word, and a few choice words, the message is clear, and he is passionate about it. Not only that he represents himself very well, and this music video stunting in black and white goes perfectly with the message of the record and his classic image WATCH:

“…Now they say “Jidenna why ya dressing so classic?”, Cause’ I dont want my best dressed day in a casket..”

I hope this hits…its great!


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