[MUSIC] Lil Mama’s “Take Me Back” EP Is Solid HipHop With An ill Intro Symbolizing Strength LISTEN:


Lil Mama Is The Definition Of Strength

This EP is hiphop. It’s HipHop! Aside from the fact that it’s a clear homage to the 80s and 90s hiphop style tracks, the flow, lyrics, and feel of each record is that of a phoenix rising. The entire EP gives you a warrior-esk vibe that makes you march with your head held high. Taking on the naysayers, haters, and people who’ve resisted her in the past, letting them know, you may’ve poked fun, but I’m still winning!

It’s hashtag themed titles work well for the social media nation and they mesh perfectly with the lyrics of each record. If the “It Takes Two” record don’t turn you up, check ya turn up, cuz Arnstar and Lil Mama revolutionize that record! Her opening intro featuring Angela Yee and The legendary Breakfast Club interview sets the tone for the rest of the record that says; Im still here, I’m still standing. My favorite records are #FOH, #ItTakesTwo, and #Sausage but you can choose your own fav LISTEN:

“…It was a journey to complete, as I emptied my heart into the music. I infused older tracks and beats and paired them with new content and lyrics…-Lil Mama via Complex

This is a SOLID solid solid EP every track is great! Flow great barz great, she can only get better from this point on…and was that Lil Mama singing?!



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