[MUSIC] Jaheim’s New Single “Struggle Love” A Reminder That He Has Held R&B Music Down LISTEN:


The Most Overlooked Artist, Has Single Handily Held Down R&B…

Jaheim Hoagland, also known as Jaheim is the silent driving force in R&B music. With a strong fan base that has held him down since 2001 with two platinum albums, two gold albums, and two top 10 billboard 200 albums in 2010 and 2013. I’m not just saying this because he’s from Jersey. Ha! They say R&B music is dead, they said it’s in a state of emergency and I say, maybe it isn’t. Jaheim’s latest record “Struggle Love” is that classic Jaheim sound we all grew to love, his smokey voice, and heavy timbre smooths over the track that just screams R&B music. Jaheim’s new album “Struggle Love” will be released Feb 2016 just in time for the Valentines day fad, and his title track single, is perfect for the holidays Dont believe me? LISTEN:

Overlooked, but still selling out shows, selling records and giving the fans that hope!!!


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