[PHOTOS] Kelly Price New Weight Loss Is Inspiring She Lost Her Way And Now She’s Back READ MORE:


An Inspiring Weight Loss Journey. ..

Known for her amazing vocal ability, powerhouse voice, and unapologetic thickness, Kelly Price inspires. As one of the only Women in R&B to succeed as a “big girl” Kelly Price is the consummate performer that shows the world, if you have talent and intelligence, you can succeed no matter what you look like. Recently the R&B songstress posted an inspiring message to fans about her weight loss journey. It Reads;

Sometimes you gotta lose to win. Sometimes you gotta gain to lose. This is hard to post and hard to look at. I lost my sister in 2014 and was depressed and didn’t want to acknowledge it but it showed up on my body suns I packed on weight that I hadn’t carried in years. I lost focus, lost perspective and gained bad habits and extra pounds. I looked up exactly one year later after she died and the photo on the left was what I looked like. This was me in April of this year on stage in Chicago. I told my audience I’d lost my way but I was getting ready to change my life. I recommitted myself to LIVE and to take care of and respect the temple God gave me. The battle is everyday and it’s not easy but I’m doing it. Slow and steady with real life choices that I can follow for the rest of my life. The photo on the right is me today behind the scenes at my Photoshoot with @mrdblanks. I’m excited about what my life is taking shape to look like physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally!  ‪#‎ItsMyTime‬


Hopefully Kelly can continue to inspire us through her weight loss journey, I for one will be embarking on a journey of my own. I hope this means new music too, I can’t wait to see what her and Derek Blanks are cooking up…


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