[NEW MUSIC] Brandy Releases New Song “Beggin & Pleadin” The Same Night Her New TV Show Airs LISTEN:


Brandy Is On FIRRRE…

Viewership: Over 800,000 Tuned In to Watch

Brandy’s brand new show “Zoe Ever After” aired tonight, fans tuned in and talked heavily on social media. The show even trended during it’s air!! To add more juiciness to the night, Brandy released a new song, “Beggin & Pleadin” when I tell ya’ll she is brandy-2016-trending-zoeeverafter-theblackmediaSANNNNNNNGGGING man o man this is some good old fashion shit talking truth! The song is a clear ode to the old school music jazz, Rhythm and blues of the past, very reminiscent of Ray Charles bluesy music. And it’s an amazing record. Fans are already speculating that this record as Brandy says “Based on a True Story” is about the break up of ex-fiance Ryan Press, either way it’s amazing LISTEN:

Missy Even Got Inspired To Say:



Source: TVBTN


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