[MUSIC] Fantasia’s New Single “No Time For It” Is Rock Soul Audio Butter!! A Must LISTEN:


New Sound New Inspiration…Tasia Got it!


Fantasia gears up to release a brand new album. No word on when just yet, but we got a banger to enjoy while we wait. “No Time For It” is Fantasia’s new single, and much like the title, the song is boldly stating what folk got time for! Ha! I am loving the new Rock Soul fusion that Fantasia is brining to the industry. Ironically, Rock Soul, which was once known as Rock and Roll, which was invented by the Afrikan American race, is what Tina Turner and those like her came to make popular. Considering Fantasia’s voice and vocal range, rock soul is something she can own! “No Time For It” is a smooth R&B soul record that hints on the rock soul nature, I think its another Fantasia classic LISTEN:

Fantasia’s Personal Message To Fans.



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