[PODCAST] Mo’Nique & Sidney’s Open Relationship On iTunes Debunks Rumors, Informs, & Uplifts LISTEN:


More Open Than You Think…But Not The Way You May Think. ..

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Monique and Husband Sidney’s radio podcast finally came out, and when I tell you it’s some good ol’ fashion truth talking, it’ll make you think! Mo’Nique opens up about being selfish, having challenges in that, and how she was the curator of the “open relationship” idea because she wanted to continue to be with the man she was with before she and her ex-bestfriend, turned husband got together. It’s honesty like you’ve never heard it before. Sidney explains the reality of love and friendship, with of course comedy renderings from Mo’Nique. They even debunk the rumor of the open relationship idea, which is not as sexual as people think it is, but there was a time…It’s everything you’d want a relationship podcast to be. Monique even says on periscope that The Monique Show Will Be Coming Back “I Cant Say When, I Can’t Say Where”…But Here’s the official description of the Podcast;

‘Open Relationship” is a play on words referring to Mo’Nique’s announcement to publications that she and her husband of close to 10 years, Sidney Hicks, have an Open Relationship. Though the real intent behind her statement refers to their long history together, theirOpen-Minded Relationship simply means that something like an extra-marital affair wouldn’t be a deal breaker to their marriage. They build upon the public discussions surrounding this concept to explore the openness and communication that is necessary for us all to have better relationships with others, in anything including Open Relationships, Falling in Love, Discussing Sex with Our Children, and everything in between. As Mo’Nique & Sidney would say, “The mind is like a parachute; it’s no good unless it’s open…Play.it

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