[VIDEO] Franchesca Ramsey Stars In Yet Another Hilarious Truthtire About Social Justice WATCH:


Chescaleigh Just Gets It. ..

Franchesca Ramsey also known as Chescaleigh from Youtube, just gets it. In her latest video on her hit MTV show MTV Decoded Franchesca whips some folk into shape! This satire uses army influence to debunk, inform, and make you laugh! They tackle gender, class, race, everything you’d expect from the socially conscience Queen of the Tube of You! Ha! It’s hilarious but very true. Ya’ll know Franny and Friends do epic proportions of research and fact checking so, get informed and laugh yo butt off WATCH:

Truthtire: TheBLACKMedia’s creative word, and way to say something that’s truthful, but funny…

I mean really, does learning get any funnier than this?


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