[VIDEO] Lil Mama’s Epic Return To The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 Talks New Mixtape, Memes And More WATCH:


A Mature 5 Year Return More Ready & Beautiful Than Ever. ..

About 5 years ago Lil Mama was interviewed on The Breakfast Club power 105.1. During the interview Charlemagne, being, Charlemagne, had a lot to say about the rap star and actress. He held no punches, his talk was reckless, and questions about her mother from Angela Yee sparked tears from the “Sausage” rapper. What seemed like a build up from defending herself from Charlemagne, and the sadness of her mother’s death, and trying to stay strong, ended up being a viral video that is still watched today.

Apparently They’ve even created a new segment #BehindTheMeme which dives into the meaning and feeling behind a meme generated that’s gone viral…interesting…

Not only is it watched, but it’s been made into a meme frenzy. Fans, haters, and worst have Meme’d the tearful actress’s face from the interview and made it go viral with various, hilarious, and some disrespectful post. Well, Lil Mama is back and she talks about it all, New Mixtape, Meme’s, old interview and more right here in this Epic return to The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 WATCH:

You must give credit when it’s due. Lil Mama’s hot song Sausage, her dope mixtape, and her epic performance in the TLC movie is a serious come back for any artist, and she’s more beautiful than ever…disagree? Then you a hater…straight like that! HA!


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