[BOSS] Michael B. Jordan Adds Director To His Resume As Bryson Tiller’s Music Video Director LOOK:


Michael B Jordan Can’t Be Stopped!

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Yes, I write a lot about Michael, not just because we went to the same school (Arts High School), not just because we’re from the same hood (Newark, NJ), but because he is what  our town is all about. Talent, poise, intellect, and integrity. Aside from all of those great things, Michael B. Jordan is on the rise to becoming Hollywoods next biggest thing. He is already getting Oscar buzz for his role in “CREED”, now he is about to add director to his list of skills.

Trap Soul singer Bryson Tiller who recently won the hearts of millions with his cutting edge sound joined forces with Michael B. Jordan to direct his new music video “Exchange” according to Carl Chery of Apple Music Bryson says;

“He’s like the homie. I’m actually talking to him. He reached out to me a while ago and just showing love for the music after TRAP  SOUL dropped. He just said he wanted to work on some stuff with me so we’re actually gonna work together to do the video for ‘Exchange.’ He’s gonna direct it.”

Seems like a win for both Bryson and Michael. In the industry its said that if you want to get your feet wet as a director, start directing music videos, and work your way up, so maybe this directing skill will be the next big thing Michael gets into. I surely hope so, there’s power in directing. Right Deon?


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