[OSCARS] The 2016 Academy Awards Nominations Yield No People Of Colour Yet Again LOOK:


Sad sad times…

At 11:25am It was brought to my attention the list of nominees were announced. At 11:30 my mouth dropped! Not one person of colour nominated for an Academy Award. How can this be? Did the Academy Miss “Straight Out Of Compton” who’s writers got a nomination, but who’s actors did not. Did the Academy not see “CREED” where Michael B. Jordan changed his body type, and delivered a ground breaking performance?! But Sylvester who can barely speak, certainly got a nomination…

I must say, I am shocked…I truly thought the industry was noticing they cannot survive without people of colour. It seems like if that skin ain’t plain, pink, sun burnable and coveted by the systematic minds then…there’s no place for it at the Oscars, which is a HUGE slap in the face since Chris Rock is hosting, he should just pull out of the job at the last minute…LET’S START A REVOLT!!!! FUCK IT!

I’m pissed…

Congrats?? “Straight Outta Compton,” screenplay by Jonathan Herman and Andrea Berloff; story by S. Leigh Savidge & Alan Wenkus and Andrea Berloff…?? Aren’t they white as well… #icant

Full List Here


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