[#OscarsSoWhite] Jada Pinkett Smith Brings In MLK Day With A Powerful Message The Oscars VS Our Value WATCH:


Jada Pinkett Smith Wisdom About The Academy Awards VS US…

Everyone was buzzing and some even upset when the veteran actress and producer Jada Pinkett Smith wrote a powerful message on Twitter and Facebook. It reads;

jadapinkettsmith-tweet-the oscars-2016

While what she is saying is nothing new, what’s new about it is, someone is finally speaking on it again in a non comedic joking way, which we haven’t had in a long time, especially from someone of mass power and critical acclaim like Jada. Now, on Martin Luther King Jr day, a day of inspiration to all, but especially to people of colour, Jada offers some inspiration of her own in regards to The Academy Awards, and shows like it in the mainstream lane, Jada sparks a much needed conversation, A question that is simple, but powerful WATCH:

I’m ready to revolt, I say Chris Rock walks off set, don’t show up, something…either way, she’s right, we must take value in our own! Academy Award winning Mo’Nique said the same thing live on Radio on Sway…I wonder if now people will hear it differently from Jada…


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  1. Wow – she sparks a great conversation. I agree we have to place as much value on our own awards (Image Awards, BET, Soul Train, etc.) as those that rarely recognize us!

  2. Exactly!!! Or create our own version of The Oscars where we make it something worth winning! You know?

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