[PHOTOS] “Yazz” Bryshere Gray As The New Spider-Man? Is Hollywood Ready For This Kind Of Diversity? LOOK:


I’m Ready. ..We’re Ready. ..But Is Hollywood?

In 2015 it was announced yet another reboot of the Spider-Man series was underway with Marvel and Sony partnering. Diversity in Hollywood has been a huge topic ever since the TGIT hit shows Shonda Rhimes kicked off. Since, we’ve seen very little growth in diversity, but growth in power positions on TV and in Film like leading roles for Viola Davis, and the cast of Empire breaking numbers etc. But is that enough to convince white folks at Marvel and Sony to make Yazz aka Bryshere Gray from “Empire” the new Spider-Man, or is that too powerful of a position of influence that the supremacist who run Hollywood would not want to happen?

If they do a reboot with an Afrikan lead, preferably Yazz, he has great likability, he is agile, and well known to pull off this role, they’d do a Miles Morales version. Miles Morales, according to the comic books, took over the position of Spider-Man. Miles is a mixed Afrikan and Latin young boy who suits up and fight the evil doers.

I think this would be great, but like most movies and films whites take over white-washing things, and excluding people of colour from power positions in fear the world would see them, see us as great, which we are, but that influence could change the way the world see’s movies. It’s said that most whites are marketable because everyone wants to be white like the women and men in the magazines and movies, once you change that power, maybe the box office wouldn’t sell as much when they have an all white cast because people would demand something different, something…BROWN …

Certainly something to think about…Check out his other photos:


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