[VIDEO] Franchesca Ramsey AKA Chescaleigh “You Sound White” Video Sheds Light On Ignorance WATCH:


Can You Sound … Like A Race?

Chescaleigh aka Franchesca Ramsey does it again with opening up conversation, much needed conversation about Human ignorance. Many may not agree, but I do believe dialect has a lot to do with what people mean when they say you sound like…When you hear an accent, or a different shape of sound from a persons mouth that is unfamiliar to you, you are curious as to what it is, and try to reference the place of origin. This is ok to me, but to say you sound white, is rude, and very offensive. Often times it’s because what people are actually saying is, you’re educated and you speak well it’s almost as if you’re “one of us”. In the case where it’s not that, I absolutely understand when people say “you sound white” as a tonality. Being an Actor, if someone asked you to be a surfer dude, which a lot of them are white, you’d proceed, or a “valley girl” etc. There are ways to sound like different types of people, but it doesn’t mean it stands for them all…we are all too unique to be grouped like that. ..right?


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