[BOSS] Brandy’s Own Record Label? #SlayanaRecords 1st Release On iTunes “Beggin & Pleadin” LOOK:


Brandy Launches Her Own Record Label….?


Fans have been curious! Has Brandy gone independent? After Brandy released “Beggin & Pleadin” on soundcloud, trended on Twitter, and had all of the top performers in awe over her vocals, Brandy sent “Beggin & Pleadin” to iTunes, but not before hash tagging #SlayanaRecords with a present picture of her in the studio diptyched next to one when she was in her teens. Slayana? Records? Is this a new imprint? Some love the name, others think it’s classless, who cares!?? I think it’s FIRE!! Her cup runneth over, she slays, and if she builds an imprint with crazy amazing vocalist, it could change the game, hey, someones got to do it! This is what Brandy had to say;

“…I feel so free and empowered by this entire movement! Nobody can keep me in a corner or hold me back from singing, or sharing my music with people that love my voice and my music. This song represents how much my freedom rings and how special my connection is with my following, so much that I Am willing to risk it all!! It’s an honest record that’s based on one of the trillest stories in my life with the most raspiest, gut wrenching vocal of my career. I sang this song like it was my last!! #BegginAndPleadin on #SlayanaRecords and on ITunes now!!!!…”

Listen to Beggin & Pleadin: Purchase On iTunes

I’m ready for what’s next! Inspired…aren’t you? Let me know in the comments, you like the name? Or nahhhh? By the way, I created that imprint design, it’s unofficial, but it’s dope right? How cool would it be for her to actually use it to represent her brand? #Dreams…FULL HQ FILE HERE


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