[STREAM] Rihanna’s New Single “Work” Featuring Drake Has Fans Crying In Excitement LISTEN:


Rihanna Is Back. ..


After holding off, Rihanna finally releases a new single from long waited album “ANTi” and of course she has Drake on the record. Fans are literally writing in saying they are crying, took off work, and more! The record, in Rihanna fashion, is a nice club record something you can dance too, with a consistent theme, getting money! Now aint nothing wrong with that! Of course Rihanna does an exclusive release on TIDAL, iTunes and a video I’m sure will soon follow, but for right get, get that WORK:


Other sites have been saying Rihanna may release her album this week, but we won’t solidify anything until we have concrete evidence. TIDAL even “mistakenly” released it and showed the track-list before snatching it offline…The record is dope though, I’m actually excited to hear what the rest will sound like! It’s a simple record, reminiscent of when Rih first came out, many are upset about its lackluster appeal, but I dig it! I guess “WORK” is the record that Rihanna and Drake were allegedly recording a music video for weeks ago…LOOK:



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