[PHOTO] Tyra Banks Has A Healthy Baby Boy?!!! Her Best Kept Secret LOOK:


Tyra Banks Held This Secret Close!!!

Whoaaaa!!! Who knew? Apparently Tyra Banks had a baby! She’s always been vocal about wanting a family, a husband, a legacy, but she is also very vocal about unconventional ways. Tyra Banks used a surrogate to have her baby boy with her boyfriend Erik Asla. Erik Asla is a photographer who has been seen bashfully hiding on Tyra’s Instagram page, seems like the type who cares nothing about fame, which is good for Tyra. This was a huge secret held tight, but we are super glad for Tyra and Erik and to the wonderful woman who carried the baby boy, congrats and welcome to the world York Banks Asla LOOK:

One Thing We Already Know About The Baby He Will Be Tall!! Tyra Hinted They Used IVF Surrogacy Which Means It’s Tyra’s Eggs Into Another Woman With Eriks Sperm Making The Baby Boy Biologically Tyra’s And Eriks With The Carrier Having No Relation.



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  1. Wow!!!! I know that’s right! Had a baby and her body stays snatched!!!!!! Lol Congrats to her!

  2. I know super excited as if she’s my family member!!! But when you do surrogacy that body stays snatched!!!

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