[VIDEO] Jay Williams Gives An Honest Interview From NBA Star, Motorcycle Accident, Drug Addiction, To A Healed Man WATCH:


Sometimes You Have To Go Through To Get Through. ..

Jay Williams, best known as the 2nd draft from Duke University to play for the Chicago Bulls. A basketball star in his own right, who thought he had it all. After receiving millions of dollars to play in the league, coming from very little, the money, the accessibility, the women, drugs, and the lifestyle got to him. But it was his headlining accident that ruined his career, but changed his life for the better. After buying a motorcycle, Jay Williams ended up in a terrible accident while still in the NBA that landed him literally broken into pieces and it sent him into a deep depression. A depression so deep he tried to kill himself, and when that didn’t work, he knew he was meant for a bigger purpose, his story is inspiring and you can purchase his Book: Life Is Not An Accident, but check out this inspiring interview first WATCH:

Let Jay’s story be a lesson to all, especially Men. Cheating, drugs, living that NBA, Hiphop, Rap, Dope boy life style will absolutely without a doubt lead you down a path of destruction, but its our Choices that are our blessings. We can all choose to change who we are and what we do, instantly! How amazing is that? Choose life!


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