[OFFICIAL TRAILER] TVONE’s New Show “Here We Go Again” Airs Feb 9th Starring Letoya Luckett WATCH:


TVONE Is Not Playing This Year. ..But Are They Winning Our Hearts?

Letoya Luckett and Wendy Raquel Robinson star opposite each other, Wendy, the Mom, Letoya the daughter, in “Here We Go Again” a story about how these three women want to break a cycle of having kids at a young age. If you’re reading this and thinking, what the fuck…well many are. Fans have been writing in saying they want to boycott this story as it speaks to the degradation of the Afrikan American community, and it sets women back in the growth achieved thus far. Many even had something to say about the new reality show. I say, I trust the actors to not choose a role that would demean our society, but we all have bills to pay so who knows. Hopefully the show will be a hilarious family-friendly show that educates all races, but our own to make better choices, I must say, it is a bit classless, WATCH TRAILER:

I’m all about supporting, and giving something a chance, so…will you give it a chance?


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