[SIGN] Join Alicia Keys In The JUSTICE REFORM NOW Movement & Make Speaker Paul Ryan Your “Valentine” WATCH:


A Political Valentine. ..For Justice Reform? I like it!


Alicia Keys and the We Are Here Movement are at it again, but this time with a different strategy. Using Valentines day for something positive, spreading the love, and the justice reform! This isn’t the first time Alicia Keys has made an effort to get everyone to sign the petition, and send letters to President Obama about Justice Reform, and now that we are closer to passing this reform, it’s more important than ever that we send our “Valentines”, letter of reform to Speaker Paul Ryan and President Barak Obama WATCH:


My Letter After Visiting: WE ARE HERE TO SIGN AND SEND

“Justice reform matters to me because it’s important that we change what was to what works. It’s clear that the system is not working. It’s clear that those, we, as a nation, imprison are not getting the proper help to actually make a change in their lives. When a kitchen glass breaks, we shake it off, throw it out and replace it, but if a precious car breaks down, we take care of it, send it to the right people to get fixed and we make it better. We are not cars, we are not items, we are the people who create those items we love so much, so why do we take care of those things better than we do our own? Fix those imprisoned, teach them what they’ve missed, give them the proper healing, and set them up to come back into society to be better humans. How can you say no to that?
Oh, and uh, Happy Valentines Day Paul!”

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