[VIDEO] Beyonce Drops New Song & Video “Formation” | It’s Epic And Fly WATCH:


Beyonce Does It Again. ..


Beyonce, without promotion, in true Beyonce fashion, shoots a music video without anyone knowing, releases it, and breaks the internet. Trending Worldwide, Formation is Beyonce’s latest song. Fans and media outlets are speculating she will be debuting this song live at the Super Bowl this year, what do you think? Well according to ROLLINGSTONE Beyonce was seen practicing “Formation” during her Super Bowl rehearsals, but tis still unconfirmed.

“Ya’ll Haters Corny With That Illuminati Mess…”

This 2016 record is BOSS. It describes how she was born, why she’s the ish, and how she puts it down. It’s Beyonce bossed up to 1000000000. Watch, you won’t believe how ill this video and song is. I’m wondering, will an album soon follow?

Even if you’re not a Tidal subscriber they are allowing anyone, with an email address, to Download The Song Free On TIDAL 


Beyonce even released a clothing line, The Formation Collection which you can purchase PURCHASE THE FORMATION COLLECTION HERE


Check Back For The iTunes Link. It’s proving to be exclusive to Tidal right now, but in true music fashion, not for long, either way you can download it free on TIDAL even without a TIDAL subscription HERE

Check out the references Beyonce’s director Melina Matsoukas makes from the amazing documentary “The B.E.A.T” directed by Abteen Bagheri and produced by Chris Black. I say, cut the controversy and let’s exist in UNITY. Beyonce, nor did the director of the video “steal footage”. The footage was sold to Sundance and Sundance gave Beyonce’s team permission to use it. Afterwards, credit was given VIA Twitter. Enjoy the documentary it’s gripping WATCH:


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  1. Hey, the 4min and 58 sec video is there which features the full song. Are you unable to see and open it?

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