Download Missy Elliott New Single “Pep Rally” On iTunes Released Just Before The Super Bowl LISTEN:

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First Beyonce, Now Missy? Too Much Good Either…

Missy Elliott released through iTunes Saturday night, “Pep Rally” her latest single, right before the Super Bowl. Perfect timing? Or planned? Well according to the lyrics where she mentions; “and yea we get cracking like we up at the Super Bowl”. The song is fire, an inevitable bounce, which is something we can expect from Missy. She’s even trending on Twitter under “New Missy” because fans are confused, is this a legit single? Where Can they get it? Well you know we keep ya’ll locked on all official releases! We can also expect for her to tap into markets most don’t. Colleges who have major bands, high schools, dancers, DJ’s, and clubs will all play this record. It’s genius LISTEN:

Stream Free Below: Or Purchase on iTunes Here


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