Minister Farrakhan Vows To Protect Beyoncé If The Police Won’t & More WATCH:


Now This Is POWER…

The Honorable Minister Farrakhan, one of the last greatest B.L.A.C.K Leaders of the 21st century! A Powerful Man! During his Saviours’ Day speech for the Nation Of Islam, he flexed his power by showing the audience and those watching during the live stream, that UNITY equals safety. He brought up Beyoncé to make a point about how white media outlets lost their minds when Beyoncé un-apologetically showed her “Blackness” at the Super Bowl. Several reports from reputable sources claim several police units vowed not to protect Beyoncé at her concerts if she does not apologize publicly for her performance. Fans are outraged! So am I! Apparently so is Minister Farrakhan WATCH:

Watch The Entire Live Stream:

It’s interesting, white folks keep complaining that Afrikan Americans are complaining too much about race, and that our idea of police brutality is null and void, but when entire units are boycotting a B.L.A.C.K artist, just because she showed her proudness during the Super Bowl, which by the way, was approved by it’s white counterparts before the show aired, lets you know that B.L.A.C.K people aren’t complaining, we are simply asking for fairness, but if not, then we will force our way into fairness, by any means necessary.

SIDEBAR: Who knew Minister Farrakhan was such a hoot! Hilarious! But remember white folk, your protection is nice and appreciated, but if we pulled together…watch out!


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