Rihanna “Work” Music Video Featuring Drake Is Exactly What You’d Expect It To Be WATCH:


I Love Being B.L.A.C.K!!!! Work!

Rihanna finally released her music video for “Work”. Fans were impatiently waiting ever since she announced it’s release date. Artist seemingly stopped doing that, probably because the video anticipation doesn’t always match the video itself and fans end up disappointed. In Rihanna’s case with “Work”, I think fans anticipated exactly this, but this double feature surprise ending set this video off. Two videos in one? Of The Same Song?! DOPE:

It Feels so good to honor and celebrate your culture. Rihanna goes all the way caribbean with this latest video. Rihanna may have even held back, we know how it actually goes down in the caribbean, either way, she’s an international pop star with a number 1 hit record on the hot 100 celebrating her B.L.A.C.Kness…now what!!!??? Biiiihhhhh…(Davetta that was my first time using the latter, I’m so cool…ha!)



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