Tisha Campbell Release’s Controversial New Single & Music Video “Lazy Bitch” (This Aint Gina) WATCH:


Tisha Campbell Is Out here! But Are People Understanding?

Tisha Campbell releases her second single from her forthcoming album. The first single, “Steel Here” went viral, and sits at over 1million views on vevo. As an actress who hasn’t been in the music business for years, that’s a major plus! Besides that, the music is good, and that’s what resonates with people. It’s her power, her story, and her triumph that fans cling to.

Her latest record, “Lazy Bitch” really took people by surprise. She released the single and video all at once, but that wasn’t what surprised people. The title, the lyrics, and the trap vibe of the record is what surprised people.

“I’m a lazy bitch, and I won’t stand up to address the shit, hash tag this, I’m a lazy bitch”

Many were confused, and so was I, about the meaning of #LazyBitch, but I understand now that it is a metaphor, and a sarcastic phrase used to describe her energy towards rumors, gossip, lies, and plain ol’ bull that people spew and expect you to respond to. The video features long time friend actress Tasha Smith, and co-writer/producer, singer-songwriter B. Slade. Tisha has never looked better, a fun video with the new Tisha, #TrapTisha is what they call her. It’s infectious WATCH:

Here is what Tisha Campbell Explained The Song Means:


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