How To Disable Self Pingbacks Two Simple Steps No Plug-in Needed HERE:


An Easy Fix, To An Annoying Problem…

Fix: Note, this will keep your ping back activated and in use for S.E.O but without the annoying notifications that come with it.

  1. After you’ve linked your own blogpost using the insert/edit link button. In the upper right corner of the Visual Box…
  2. Click Text/HTML. Find the link you’ve just added and Remove the HTTP:// Blog Link from the beginning leaving only the Slug.

For Example: Link is in BlueSlug is in Gold

Before In Text/HTML: <a href=http: //”_blank”>(YOUR TEXT WILL BE HERE)</a >

After In Text/HTML: <a href=/2016/02/24/new-facebook-like-buttons-facebook-reactions/” target=”_blank”>(YOUR TEXT WILL BE HERE)</a >

Removing the link from the insert/edit link button does not work. As soon as you close it out, wordpress adds it back. After completing the aforementioned, you’ll find it works perfectly. I’d advise you to only use this when pinging your own blogposts. It took me too long to find this out, so I thought I’d make it easier. There was so much fluff online and not enough simplicity, and after finally running across Support for PingBacks this is what I found, so hopefully your search was easier. [Source]

If you have any questions, ask me in the comments, I got ya!


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