Ice Cube Plans To Open His Own TV & Film Studio To Green Light Projects A Haven For Diversity LOOK:


Ice Cube Trailblazing To Something Powerful…

Ice Cube is on the tip of everyone’s tongue recently for his hit movie “Straight Outta Compton”. Cube recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter and answered a bunch of questions and took audience questions about his life in music and film. Ice Cube mentioned he’s ready to open his own studio to green light projects.

If he did this, it would truly be a huge plant in the industry for major diversity. The reason why is because studios who green light projects have the control over who’s in the movies. That’s why people like Gina Prince-Bythewood had such a hard time making “Beyond The Lights” because when she went to studios for funding they said only if you have a white leading actress. So, if Ice Cube opens his own studio he can green light projects he believes should be made and let people have leads based on many other things than skin. This is what he had to say;

“It ain’t cool enough yet,” the Straight Outta Compton filmmaker said Feb. 19. “I mean, it’s still got gatekeepers. It’s got gatekeepers everywhere. Cool people still have a hard time showing what they got in Hollywood. And I’ve been fighting my whole career to show a different side. But there’s not enough Ice Cubes out there. There’s not enough Ice Cubes getting a chance to do their thing.”

Coming off the back-to-back successes of Compton and Ride Along 2, he added: “I’m ready to run a studio. I’m ready to green light movies, and be in it to win it.” He said, however, he had no intention of raising money outside the industry. “Then what you’re doing is fighting with your money to get back into the industry, or for them to use your money instead of their own. So, you got to figure out how to do it within the flow of the industry.”

I think Ice Cube should do this, let’s hope he reads this and finds encouragement to go ahead and do it. As an Actor of colour it is very difficult to find work, but this would help a lot of us. Even extras…


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