The Official Trailer For ‘Nina’ The Nina Simone Biopic Starring Zoe Saldana Is Disastrous WATCH:


I Am Disappointed…In All Involved.

This is the first article TheBLACKMedia has ever published that is not intended to uplift people of colour, but I must express my disdain for this foolery. Zoe Saldana is not to blame for this horrendous visual disgust, however, saying “No” was an option she chose to ignore, and or “go along with”. Zoe Saldana stars as Nina Simone in her biopic. She does not look like Nina, she does not talk like Nina. Farbeit from me to judge someones acting abilities based off of a trailer, as an actor, it’s simply not protocol, but as a watcher of television and movies, when I saw the trailer for Ray…I didn’t even know it was Jamie Foxx until his name popped up!!

People are complaining about the “Black Face”, which isn’t Black Face at all (Black Face is when a white person paints his or her face to “resemble” a person of colour. Zoe is a person of colour, she’s just lighter than Nina) just terrible, horrible, ridiculous make up and prosthetics. Why would a studio cast an actor to play Nina if she did not resemble Nina?! Why would a director continue directing something that is visually offensive and off base? Why add prosthetics and darker make up to “make her look like Nina” (which she doesn’t) when you could’ve just found a Nina! Aside from that terrible judgement call, Zoe, being dominican, does not sound like Nina! Nina’s voice was so bold and present and Zoe’s light raspy voice simply does not carry.


The film’s controversy two years ago, just got a lot more controversial. We tried to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and say that because Zoe is an incredible actress, she’d give the performance of a life time and we’d get over the terrible make up, but it’s not looking that way…but you be the judge, I’m disappointed. Nina Simones daughter says she’s not mad at Zoe, more so sympathetic to her. She’s upset with the writing and the direction sighting Nina was never in a relationship with Clifton, that Henderson was a gay man and that the writing is wrong and telling false stories about Nina. Nina’s daughter may not be upset with Zoe, but she also, like millions of others, feels the casting was not good for this movie (TIME) you be the judge WATCH:


I’m just unsure of why the clay face over darkening and casting…whomever casted this, must be fired…


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