B.L.A.C.K Women Speak Out About What It Means To Be Classically Beautiful & Love Who You Are WATCH:


Speaking Out Is The Only Way To Be Heard…And Coal Crown Creative Gets It!

Coal Crown Creative, a collective that supports telling The Black Narrative gathers various women of colour to tell their story. What does it mean to be classically beautiful, what does it mean to be a woman of colour. Jasmine Mans, poet, activist, author and actress interviews several women and together they share their narratives. It’s ground breaking. Owner of CCC and producer of this mini-doc-u-series, Quest, truly hit the nail with this one. It shows people of colour, young old, male, or female that it’s ok to speak out, love yourself out-loud, and rock that melanin harder than the sun shines. This is something you share, WATCH:


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