Gabby Douglas Wins The 2016 American Cup She’s No Fluke! Don’t Count Her Out WATCH:


Can She Do It Again? No…She Can’t…

Gabby Douglas is on everyone lips these days. They are wondering if Gabby can do what she did years ago when she grabbed the gold. The truth is, she can’t! No one can! Why are we so obsessed with repeating time? Has anyone ever repeated time? If so, please send them my way, there are some mistakes i’d like to correct! Gabby Douglas is great, and she will continue to be great, but can she do what she did when she first won? Can she make the same mistakes this year that she made years ago that prompted her to work hard and win that Gold? No. Can she feel the same feelings at the same times she felt them years ago that guided her to relax or tense up that helped her win the Gold? No! Gabby cannot do what she did before, but guess what? SHE CAN DO EVEN BETTER THAN BEFORE!!

Gabby Douglas wins the 2016 American Cup in Newark. NJ (my hometown). This is her first win in this challenge. Gabby Douglas is working hard to come back to the Olympics, to win, and she can, it’s possible for her. By winning this American Cup she landed a top spot headed towards the Olympics. She says;

“From the bottom of my heart, I really believe that I can achieve more,” Douglas said. “And it’s just not for the wrong intentions. I’m like, ‘Guys, I’m back. I’m serious.’ I feel like gradually and the more and more I keep proving that, I really hope that people believe it.” More Here

Even though she has nothing to prove, it’s beautiful that she is so passionate about doing the work and letting her wins prove the point. Gabby is now 20 years old and although many speculate her return, she is clear, she’s here to win, and it shows WATCH:


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