Ciara And Russell Wilson Are Engaged! A Pure Example Of How God Works WATCH:


It’s Beautiful To See How God Works…

Ciara and Russell Wilson are official engaged! The couple are famously known for promoting celibacy during their relationship. They were ridiculed for loving each other without having sex, getting to know each other through God and intimacy. Many speculated they were actually having sex and lying to the public, I say, considering I know many people of God who are still virgins and have waited to have sex with their spouse, that Ciara and Russell are not lying and have waited and are still waiting. It’s beautiful to see this in the Afrikan American community, just WATCH:

God Moves! And shout out to all the virgins, or non-virigins who are waiting to have sex until they are married, its beautiful, I can’t see why people would be upset, if it’s not for you then…its not for you…why you mad tho?!

Here’s an example of a “non-celebrity” sharing her experience with waiting…Beautiful!


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