Keri Hilson Is Not Releasing New Music Just Yet, Blogs Release Fake Press Releases And More LOOK:


Dont Call It A Come Back…Just Yet

Keri Hilson was rumored to be making a huge come back. Now we don’t post rumors, but we trust our source, it’s just that blogsites, too often, report lies, and fake stories, so as a person with common sense, i’ll wait until I see it on her Twitter Page, Facebook page or Instagram page before I say it’s true, but it’s exciting either way right? Seems like the blogs that claimed an exclusive interview and more was FAKE UPDATE:

Well she took to twitter yesterday and today to tell us the real story, and just like I expected, it was a fake press releases geared to put Keri down, but she’s a strong B.L.A.C.K Woman and she cannot be broken, check out what she had to say:


While Keri’s pages (click to see: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) are not saying this is true, and there hasn’t been much activity this year on any of her social media pages, maybe this album rumored to be “L.I.A.R” is actually happening. Celebrities often take time off social media to focus. It’s also rumored that she’s releasing a single this week! The single “Again” is slated to be released March 18th so, if the single comes out, you know I got you #SOULdiers!

“I promise, I will tell my fans everything on this album. Why I was really gone, what actually happened, what didn’t, what I could control, and what I couldn’t,” said Hilson. “Never will I ever again take a break from music.” – Rap-Up

This is the image floating around:



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