Could It Be? Brandy, Fantasia, & Jazmine Sullivan Coming Out With A Single TOGETHER?! READ MORE:


Is That Too Much Power?! NOT!!!!

Fantasia took to her instagram to share a little story and subsequently announce a song coming featuring Brandy, Jazmine Sullivan and Herself!! What?! OMG!!! Three powerhouse voices, Brandy leading as The Vocal Bible, Jazmine Sullivan as someone who was raised looking up to Brandy and becoming a vocal master of her own, and of course Fantasia who everyone is scared to perform with because she kills every song she sings. This single will be epic! IM JUST JEALOUS IM NOT IN THE ROOM WRITING IT FOR THEM! LOOK:

Let’s hope that last part wasn’t Fantasia asking or just saying they should…let’s hope it is. I think it is, they’ve been talking about it for years off and on, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t.


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