Sanaa Lathan Lanches Her Foundation To Empower Women Aging Out Of Foster Care DONATE:


Not Just An Actress, A Humanitarian Too…

Sanaa Lathan, mega-Hollywood star and actress known for hit movies like “Love & Basketball”, “Brown Sugar”, “Something New” and her latest executively produced box office hit movie “The Perfect Guy” scoring over 60 million in the box office against a 17 million dollar budget! She is a heavy hitter who could be spending her time and money doing other things, instead this Queen is giving back.

The Sanaa Lathan foundation is geared towards helping Women aging out of foster care. The foundation will help women transition into womanhood by improving self-esteem and helping women gain access to higher education.

‘I started the Sanaa Lathan Foundation to empower young women in foster care to create their own successful futures. And, that begins with education. Adulthood is about opening up new avenues of opportunities to discover passion and talent.’ – Sanaa Lathan

Your donations will go to helping these women become who they were meant to be. So, Donate Today Here

Every dollar counts!


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