Azealia Banks Releases “Slay-Z” Mixtape Feat Rick Ross, & Nina Sky It’s Rap GOLD! LISTEN:


A Bold Cover For A Bold Artist. ..

Azealia Banks finally releases her long awaited mix-tape “Slay-Z”, and it’s exactly what you’d expect from the Cocoa Rap Goddess. Flames! It’s so good! It’s House, Dance, Trap, Barz, everything an album should be, but in mix-tape form. The Rick Ross and Nina Sky features where a great surprise! The record she and Rick Ross are on together titled; “BIG TALK” needs to be a single and music video ASAP! But not before “The Big Big Beat” of course. 8 Tracks pure Gold, and she released it free, for now anyway, and then the iTunes upload will be available. Get in to it first, and then give your judgement. For those naysayers who aint evem listen to the record, (yes evem), play it, I can understand why you wouldn’t, because you will like it! Ha!

Many are upset about her cover, and many will be upset about me posting it, but the artist meant it to be what it is and I respect that. You have to respect the boldness of artistry. It’s not dirty, nasty, filthy goodness, it’s just breasts! So for all you haters, if this picture was in an art museum with bar tenders walking around with drinks in a high class environment you’d consider it to be art, well…it still is even though it aint. Get into it!


Azealia Banks Slay Z Cover Art - TheBLACKMedia - 2016


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