K. Michelle New Video “Not A Little Bit” Gives You That 90s Feel When Music Videos Made Sense WATCH:


K. Michelle Stepping Into Her Own, Taking Control Of Her Career & It’s Working. ..

             “Not A Little Bit” K. Michelle’s latest single and music video release is simply, great!! Being a musician myself and having studied music in college successfully graduating with a BA in Music, I feel confident to say that this record, and music video is solid. I love R&B and thisK-Michelle-theblackmedia-2016 is a purely R&B record that is making its rounds. The music video evaluated the song for me. I liked it before, but I love it now. Even though i’ve never, and probably will never experience what the song is talking about, the passion in her voice, mixed with the lyrics, the concept of the video with the dark cloud following you around…I can understand how a Woman, or a Man could go through that and the difficulty of letting go. When you finally let go, the dark cloud isn’t there anymore. ..its smart!

The video appears to be purposely uploaded and recorded in SD (standard definition) which, if you watch any of your favorite videos from the late 90s or early 2000s you will see the square resemblance. It seems like K Michelle and her team purposely did this to give that feeling, that 90s feel when music videos made sense! There’s a story in the music, and it follows the story in the song. Great job K…WATCH:


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